Planning Stages

After we've had a RightFit Consult and determined we're a good fit to work together, we work through 4 stages of planning with our clients:

  • Discovery – getting to know you more in depth, discovering your goals and understanding your values
  • Strategy – reviewing possible solutions and deciding on a game plan with our guidance
  • Implementation – putting a plan into action and articulating the finer points
  • Review & Refresh - considering tweaks or adjustments to stay on course 


Our Process

Planning Profile

  • During the Discovery stage, we'll discuss your personal expectations and align them with our ideal service standard based on your needs.  This creates your Planning Profile. We serve four distinct types of Planning Profiles.  This process ensures our services are aligned with your expectations.
  1. A la carte Planning – Investments, Insurance & Retirement Planning
  2. Advanced Modular Planning – Farm/Business Succession, Trust & Estate Planning
  3. Full Financial Plan – Comprehensive Written Financial Plan, Cash Flow Planning
  4. Transactional – GICs & Fixed Term Investments​​​​​​​

Professional Engagement

  • Fully transparent disclosure
  • Documentation of our professional relationship and commitment

Road Map

  • Simple step-by-step game plan to propel you closer to your financial goals

Implement Strategies

  • Quarterback implementation of strategies and deliver on your expectations

Report, Review, Re-Dream

  • Provide ongoing expertise, monitoring and readjustments as required to stay on track and expand your horizons