The Prairie Wealth method - tailored for your needs - details where we are in your financial planning process. We provide a clear roadmap to chart out where we're going.

  • 1. Right-Fit

    The first stage of your relationship with us is a RightFit consultation. This first meeting is relaxed. It gives us a chance to better understand your needs. We use this stage to see if you're a good fit for our practice and gives you an opportunity to learn about our values so you know if we're a right fit for you.

  • 2. Discovery F.O.R.M.

    Once we've mutually agreed that we have a good fit, we onboard you as a client. This involves learning about all the things that form your lifestyle - family, occupation, recreation as well as the money piece. Discovery may be short and sweet or require a little more time. We're committed to getting the whole picture.

  • 3. Strategy

    At this stage we begin to set a plan that tackles your needs and addresses the gaps we may have identified in discovery. We'll chart a course that respects the lifestyle you have now as well as your plans for the future. The plan will consider critical life events - both positive and negative and best mitigate any risks that may arise.

  • 4. Implement

    This is where we begin to put your strategy into motion. For many clients this is both an exciting and a comforting stage. The implementation stage is where we turn the strategy into action items. We'll clearly communicate the timelines for each action item and help you anticipate the "if/then" scenarios that can throw you a curveball.

  • 5. Review & Refresh

    Our relationship with you is fluid and in many cases long-term. We'll monitor your plan and bring you in for revisions and updates. Both life events and world events will have an impact on the timing of plans we've put in place for you.