Finding the Right Fit for Financial Security

Christopher Veilleux |

Finding the Right-Fit for Financial Security

We wake up each morning and make choices that affect how we’ll spend our day. And the small steps we take today can alter our pathway tomorrow.  So how do we make sure those choices will lead us toward our lifestyle goals and create the lasting financial legacies we want? 

The answer is finding the right-fit advice, and to not go it alone.  But how do you find the advice that’s right for you? 

A Fresh New Option

Prairie Wealth Planning Consultants is a boutique financial advisory firm that recently opened their doors in Brandon, and may be a fit for some.  Prairie Wealth has developed and refined a process to help clients achieve their work-optional lifestyle and create lasting family legacies.

Prairie Wealth’s team of in-house experts collaborate with other professionals and key strategic partners to deliver unbiased, independent advice.  The firm also utilizes smart and innovative financial technology, and marries it with personalized local expertise to make sense of it all.  

With financial services marketing coming from all directions, it’s understandable how people can become either overwhelmed, or tune it out.  A qualified financial advisor can act as a sounding board and provide clarity and perspective when needed.   An independentadvisor can do so without the agendas of big financial institutions.

The Right Credentials

When seeking advice, don’t be afraid to ask questions about qualifications.  

With a wide range of certifications in the financial services industry, people can be left with qualification-confusion.  Professionals who hold the internationally recognized Certified Financial Planner - CFP® are held to some of the highest standards in the world.  A qualified CFP® recognizes the value that comes from asking the right questions, genuinely listening to your responses and providing a guiding hand through all the challenges that life might throw your way.  

Other designations offer a degree of specialty as well.   The Chartered Life Underwriter CLU® is an advanced tax & estate planning designation, Certified Health Insurance Specialist CHS™ holders specialize in health benefits, while the Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute FCSI® is one of the highest standards of investment stewardship.

Above all, trust and integrity are paramount.  Open communication must flow both ways between advisor and client to achieve a successful working relationship.

Your Financial Road Map

Before engaging the services of an advisor take the time to consider whether you have a very specific need, or whether you prefer to engage in a more holistic approach.   Once your goals are clearly defined and communicated, a good advisor will help you create a clear road map.   A great advisor will navigate you through unexpected life events that may take you down a different path.

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